Create a Virtual DatacenterΒΆ

The provisioning model by default in vOneCloud is based on three different roles using three different web interfaces.

vOneCloud user comes preconfigured and is the Cloud Administrator, in full control of all the physical and virtual resources and using the vCenter view.

A Virtual Datacenter (VDC) defines an assignment of one or several groups to a pool of physical resources. This pool of physical resources consists of resources from one or several clusters, which are logical agroupations of hosts and virtual networks. VDCs are a great way to partition your cloud into smaller clouds, and asign them to groups with their administrators and users, completely isolated from other groups.

A Group Admin manages her partition of the cloud, including user management, but only within the VDCs assigned to the Group, not for the whole cloud like the Cloud Administrator.

Let’s create a Group (under System) named Production with an administrator called prodadmin:


Let’s create a VDCs (under System) named ProductionVDC, and assign the Production group to use it:


Let’s add resources to the VDC under the “Resources” tab, for instance a vCenter instance and a Virtual Network:


Only Clusters, vCenters and Virtual Networks can be assigned to VDCs, current versions of vOneCloud do not manage vCenter datastores.


Now login again using the newly created prodadmin. The Group Admin view will kick in. Try it out creating the first produser and assign them quotas on resource usage:


As vOneCloud user, in the vCenter View, you will be able to see all the VM Templates that have been automatically created when importing the vCenter infrastructure. You can assign any of these VM Templates to the VDC:


The same applies for Virtual Networks these VM Templates may use.

If you log with produser, the view will change to the vCenter Cloud View, where vdcuser can start consuming VMs based on the VM Template shared by the Cloud Administrator and allowed by the vdcadmin:


Read more about Group and VDC managing.