What’s New vOneCloud 1.8

vOneCloud 1.8 is powered by OpenNebula Great A’Tuin, and, as such, includes functionality present in OpenNebula 4.14 Great A’Tuin relevant to vOneCloud:

  • Import VMs from public clouds. vOneCloud 1.8 introduces the management of VMs not launched by vOneCloud in either Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer.
  • Keep the VM disks after deletion. A new attribute, KEEP_DISKS_ON_DONE will instruct vOneCloud on leaving or deleting the VM disks when they finish their lifecycle.

Additionally, vOneCloud 1.8 add new features related with the vCenter driver not yet present in any OpenNebula release:

The Control Panel has also been extended in this release:

  • Enable SSH. To easily allow console access to the vOneCloud appliance.
  • Enable SSL. To enable the secure access to the vOneCloud appliance web interface (Sunstone) using the SSL protocol.

Additionally, a new documentation category starts with vOneCloud 1.8 to explain advanced customizations to the appliance that are not performed through the Control Panel:

Multiple bugfixes and documentation improvements have been included in this version. vOneCloud 1.8 has been certified with support for vSphere 5.5 and 6.0.

The Automated Upgrade process implemented by the Control Panel will only be available to users with an active support subscription. With this functionality users will be notified when a new vOneCloud release is available for download and they will be able to upgrade the vOneCloud platform with a single click.