What’s New vOneCloud 1.6

vOneCloud 1.6 is powered by OpenNebula Cotton Candy, and, as such, includes all the functionality present in OpenNebula 4.12 Cotton Candy.

The following Cloud Management features have been introduced in vOneCloud 1.6:

  • Capacity honoring in VM Templates. VM Templates can be adjusted in terms of CPU and Memory. vOneCloud will modify these parameters at the time of cloning a Template into a Virtual Machine
  • Capacity resizing. Running VMs can be poweroff and having their capacity (CPU and/or Memory) changed.
  • Resource Pool. vOneCloud can be confined into a Resource Pool, to allow only a fraction of the vCenter infrastructure to be used by vOneCloud users
  • Provisioning scripts. vOneCloud can instruct VMs to run generic scripts at boot time to further configure the guest OS or any software package
  • Keymap support for VNC connections. Now the keyboard layout can be defined to improve the VNC connection experience

Multiple bugfixes and documentation improvements have been included in this version. vOneCloud 1.6 has been certified with support for vSphere 5.5 and 6.0.

The Automated Upgrade process implemented by the Control Panel will only be available to users with an active support subscription. With this functionality users will be notified when a new vOneCloud release is available for download and they will be able to upgrade the vOneCloud platform with a single click. However, this release (1.6) has been marked as public so everyone can upgrade from previous versions using the Control Panel.