Known Issues and Limitations


These limitations will be addressed in future versions of vOneCloud:

Limitation Description
No FILES support in context Contextualization in vOneCloud does not support passing files to Virtual Machines
Cannot import “one-<id>” VMs VMs deployed by another instance of vOneCloud, or machines named with a leading “one-” cannot be imported again
vCenter password length Cannot be more than 22 characters
Browser Adblock plug ins Features like VNC and VM log viewer may be affected by Adblock plug ins. Please disable these plug ins if you are experiencing issues
Cloning imported VMs Cloning in vCenter an imported VM will result in a VM that cannot be imported again. Please instantiate from templates and import the resulting VMs, instead of cloning already imported VMs.
No user feedback on upgrades If you click on Upgrade or Upgrade Now (to upgrade the vOneCloud version, or the system packages, respectively), you will see that a few jobs appear in pending state in the job queue. You will not receive any further user feedback until it finishes executing. This may take a long time: 15 minutes for Upgrade, and even more than an hour for Upgrade Now, depending on your internet access speed.

If you find any new limitation, feel free to add a feature request in Community - Feature Request section of the vOneCloud Support Portal.