What Is?ΒΆ


The Open Replacement for vCloud

vOneCloud is an OpenNebula distribution optimized to work on existing VMware vCenter deployments. It deploys an enterprise-ready OpenNebula cloud just in a few minutes where the infrastructure is managed by already familiar VMware tools, such as vSphere and vCenter Operations Manager, and the provisioning, elasticity, multi-tenancy, elasticity and multi-vm cloud features are offered by OpenNebula. It inherits all the benefits from the open source cloud management platform, adding an easy to deploy, easy to use aspect due to pre configuration of the OpenNebula install contained within the appliance.

vOneCloud is distributed as a virtual appliance in OVA format for vSphere. It contains all required OpenNebula services within a single CentOS Linux appliance. All components are fully open-source and have been certified to work in enterprise environments, vOneCloud 3.4 includes:

CentOS 7.5
OpenNebula 5.8.4

The following table summarizes the benefits of vOneCloud:

Virtual data centers, self-service, Virtual Routers on VMware
Cost Effective
Free, there are no license costs, all components are fully open-source software
Completely open, customizable and modular, so it can be adapted to your needs
No Lock-in
Platform independent, gradually migrate to other virtualization platforms
Very easy to install, upgrade, and maintain, with easy-to-use graphical interfaces
Certified, production-ready with commercial support subscriptions and
professional services