Resolved Issues in 3.0.7ΒΆ

vOneCloud 3.0.7 is a maintenance release with the following minor improvements:

  • Better updateconf, check VM state to allocate a new cluster VNC port
  • Better timeouts for xml-rpc clients
  • Fix history records when VMs are imported in POWEROFF state
  • Changed cpu mode and fallback
  • Filter in CLI commands now accept != operator
  • Improved Sunstone text fields

Also 3.0.7 feature the following bugfixes:

  • vCenter driver is capable of import network names with slashes
  • Fix check in updateconf for non-running VMs
  • Changing overcommitment on a host updates other hosts too
  • Fixed bug with updateconf and vnc port
  • Sunstone reloads the page with a group change of a user
  • Memory overcommitment doesn’t support float values
  • Changes in VM Template not saved during update
  • Rollback datastore quotas. Add datastore quotas to one.vmtemplate.instantiate
  • Disk SIZE is not a valid integer
  • Do not reset resizes and quotas after a recover –recreate
  • AR size change in reservations should be disabled in Sunstone
  • Multiple DISK attributes into VM Template section
  • VM created w/ wrong disk size (size on instantiate)
  • Error in group create/update
  • ActionManager threads counter not decreased
  • Groups shouldn’t be cached in Sunstone