vOneCloud LimitationsΒΆ

vOneCloud will use pre defined Templates existing in the vCenter to launch Virtual Machines. The following limitations apply:

No Automatic Guest Configuration
Contextualization mechanism in vOneCloud does not provide
packages to automatically configure guest OS (Linux or Windows)
VM Unsupported Operations The following operations are only supported from vCenter: - Attach/detach disk to a running VM - Migrate VM to different ESX clusters
No MultivCenter Templates vOneCloud Templates representing two or more vCenter VM Templates cannot currently be defined.
No spaces in Clusters VMware Clusters with space in their names are not supported

These limitations will be addressed in future versions of vOneCloud. The vOneCloud roadmap can be consulted in the OpenNebula development portal.

If you feel that there is a particular feature interesting for the general public and it is missing from the roadmap, feel free to add a feature request in the development portal (via the New Issue tab).