vOneCloud Features

vOneCloud leverages the functionality of OpenNebula. The following features come preconfigured and can be used out-of-the-box with vOneCloud:

  • Cloud User Interfaces
    • AWS EC2 and EBS APIs
    • Simple, clean, intuitive portals for cloud consumers and VDC admins
  • On-demand Provision of Virtual Data Centers
    • Dynamic creation of Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) as fully-isolated virtual infrastructure environments where a group of users, under the control of the VDC administrator, can create and manage compute capacity
    • Placement of VDCs to multiple vCenters
  • Hybrid Cloud
    • Cloud-bursting of VMs to public clouds
  • Fast Provisioning
    • VM and service (multi-VM apps) templates
    • Automatic provision of VM and service (multi-VM apps) from a catalog
    • Automatic execution and scaling of multi-tiered applications
    • Snapshotting
  • Security and Resource Consumption Control
    • Resource Quota Management to track and limit computing resource utilization
    • Integration with user management services like LDAP, Active Directory…
    • Fine-grained accounting and monitoring
    • Complete isolated VDCs and organizations
    • Fine-grained ACLs and user quotas
    • Powerful user, group and role management
  • Cloud Admin Interfaces
    • Powerful CLI that resembles typical UNIX commands applications
    • SunStone Portal for administrators and advanced users
  • Reliability, Efficiency and Massive Scalability
    • Leverage years of testing and production use
    • Be sure that your Cloud Mangement Platform will be up to the task

vOneCloud can levarage all the functionality that OpenNebula delivers, but some of it needs additional configuration steps:

  • Centralized Management of Multiple Zones. Federate different datancenters by joining several vOneCloud instances.
  • Community Virtual Appliance Marketplace. Create your own marketplace or benefit from community contributions with an online catalog of ready-to-run virtual appliances.
  • Broad Commodity and Enterprise Platform Support. Underlying OpenNebula software features an amazingly flexible and plugin oriented architecture that eases the integration with existing datacenter components. Do no reinvent your datacenter, evolve it!.
  • Virtual & Physical Infrastructure Control. Manage all aspects of your physical (hypervisors, storage backends, etc) & virtualized (VM lifecycle, VM images, virtual networks, etc) from a centralized web interface (Sunstone).

Although the configuration is tailored for vCenter infrastructures, all the power of OpenNebula is contained in vOneCloud and it can be unleashed!