Known Issues and Limitations

Known Issues

These known issues will be addressed in future versions of vOneCloud.

Hybrid IP addresses not shown in Sunstone VM datatable They are displayed in the info panel of the VM, which appears below the datatable after clicking the VM in the datatable
Running VMs are imported without VNC All running VMs are imported without VNC capabilities in vOneCloud, regardless of the availability of an open VNC port on said VMs

If you find any new issue, please let us know in the Community Questions section of the vOneCloud Support Portal.


These limitations will be addressed in future versions of vOneCloud:

Limitation Description
VM Unsupported Operations
The following operations are only supported from vCenter:
  • Attach/detach disk to a running VM
  • Migrate VM to different ESX clusters
No MultivCenter Templates vOneCloud Templates representing two or more vCenter VM Templates cannot currently be defined.
No spaces in Clusters VMware Clusters with space in their names are not supported
No proxy support for SoftLayer If vOneCloud is running behind a corporate http proxy, the SoftLayer hybrid connectors won’t be available
No auth proxy support for Azure Azure driver only supports proxies without authentication. That is, without username and password.
No FILES support in context Contextualization in vOneCloud does not support passing files to Virtual Machines
No multi-VM app support OneFlow component is not yet shipped with vOneCloud
Cannot import “one-” VMs VMs deployed by another instance of vOneCloud, or machines named with a leading “one-” cannot be imported again

If you find any new limitation, feel free to add a feature request in Community - Feature Request section of the vOneCloud Support Portal.